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Let Tracey Devine-Smith create a bespoke hairdressing education course or workshop that develops their skills, improves their motivation and increases their profitabilty.

As a skilled all-rounder, Tracey will create a training programme that is perfectly tailored to your needs: from classic to advanced cutting, basic to creative colouring, hair-up, session work or photographic shoots.

Tracey will travel to your salon (no matter how big or small), or a location of your choice, to ensure the students feel at ease. Once there, she will happily work with an individual team member on a one-to-one basis or the entire team to help them to flourish.

Your bespoke hairdressing training could be a one-day demonstration, a hands-on workshop or a combination of the two in order to best achieve the results you desire. After each session, you’ll receive feedback on the participants’ progress and recommendations for their next steps.[/vc_column_text]

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There is no question that retail, upselling and building a column are essential parts of the salon business, but they are also skills that most hairdressers are uncomfortable with.

Tracey understands that most hairdressers are motivated by the creative side of the hairdressing business, which is why she incorporates soft skills into her creative courses to help students learn them in a practical way that can be easily be replicated in the salon.

If you or your senior team members need development or support, Tracey can call upon her 16 years’ experience as owner of a highly-respected, award-winning salon to provide hairdressing business education. This advanced training will enable you to improve your processes and help take your salon to the next level.

All hairdressing training is delivered in a warm and inviting manner that makes participants feel at ease, encourages questions and responds to their needs to educate, motivate and inspire. Contact Tracey to discuss your training needs.[/vc_column_text]

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